Das Rugard Thermal Strandhotel


Body wraps and baths. A special kind of bathing experience.

Rügen mare Milk-Honey Oil bath
For soft & supple skin



Courland ® Summer Feeling coconut oil bath
A trip to summer



Sea Algae Bath
Trace elements & amino acids stimulate the
Metabolism, moistened, relaxed,
Detoxifying & Detoxifying


Duration per bath approx. 20 minutes


Comfort Spa Men

Exclusive care with masculine fragrance attracts you quickly, leaves
No greasy film & has a moisturizing effect.


Duration of all treatments approx. 40 minutes

Water suspended bed
is a development that brings a weightless-looking and relaxing feeling.

Choose yourself:


Rügen Heilkreide
For tension and impure skin



Comfort Spa Cleopatra Bath
For a youthful complexion. Feel the
Comfort Spa Cleopatra The pleasantly fragrant silky skin,
Like Cleopatra once.



Comfort Spa Night Candle Cream pack
Ideal daily care for irritated and sensitive skin,
Prevents premature ageing of the skin and can
Skin problems.