Das Rugard Thermal Strandhotel



“Algae Cream Peeling”

Frees your body gently & caring

of dead skin cells.

€ 30,-



Already in the peeling, the active substances affect the unsightly
stretchmarks on stomach, legs and buttocks. Thanks to the subsequent
Cellulite Massage & the alginate body Pack are
The active ingredients get deep into the skin and stimulate the metabolism.

The result: Solid body contours & a tender skin.

€ 112,-


“Algae Body Pack”

works with 100% pure, natural, micro-pulverized algae mineralizing,
Stimulating and moisturizing the metabolism. Accumulation of water and fat deposits
can be specifically solved. The skin is treated with valuable trace elements,
Minerals and vitamins.

The result: a vital body and a healthy radiance.

€ 79,-


“Frigi Wrap”

support cool wraps, soaked with an algae-camphor-menthol solution,
the fat burning in cellulite and riding pants
Spider veins, varicose veins & tired, heavy legs.

The result: An improved silhouette & revitalized skin.



“Prélude Marin”

Body wrap with warmed, pure sea mud from the depths
of the Dead Sea – relaxing, anti-inflammatory, remineralizing
Skin-tightening, circulation-promoting & ideal for inclination
To allergies of inflammatory skin.

€ 79,-