The Rugard Thermal Strandhotel



Fit for the mobile future: Private Palace Hotels on the island of Rügen offer guests with electric vehicles the perfect service

At the Rugard Strandhotel in the Arkona Strandhotel in the Arkona Strandresidenzen, and in the Grand Hotel Binz, the Baltic holidaymakers will find 16 ampere electric charging stations for their electric cars.

Electric vehicles are the mobile future: This trend has been recognized by the Private Palace Hotels of the Ostseebad Binz on the island of Rügen years ago and offer a special service for the holidaymakers with e-cars. In all hotels there are 16 ampere electric charging stations.

“The island of Rügen is known for its wonderful nature – the chalk rocks the miles of white sandy beaches as well as the quaint forests form a unique combination that attracts more holidaymakers to our island every year” says General Director Birte Löhr. “Our task is to preserve this unique nature. An important component of this is the switch to electro-mobility. For holidaymakers with an electric vehicle we offer a very special service in all the houses. “

The Private Palace Hotels in Binz on the island of Rügen have 16 ampere electric charging stations. “Our guests with electric cars can easily and safely recharge their vehicles while on the beach enjoy our culinary delights or relax in our wellness oasis. Electro-mobility and holiday on Rügen – in our houses this fits perfectly together ” emphasizes Birte Löhr.

Rügen-Holiday with the electric car

Truly, the infrastructure for electric vehicles is well developed in the private palace hotels. The Rügen vacationers will find in the secure closed underground garages of the private palace Arkona Strandhotel as well as in the private palace Arkona Strandresidenzen The most modern 16 ampere electric charging stations. Baltic holidaymakers who spend their holidays on Rügen in the private Palace Rugard Strandhotel, the electric car charging stations are available in the underground garage of the Arkona Strandresidenzen. The Rugard Strandhotel and the Arkona Strandresidenzen are only 30 metres apart – a stone’s throw away.

The Private Palace Grand Hotel Binz the like all private palace hotels in the seaside resort Binz is located directly on the beach has also a 16 ampere electric charging stations in the secured underground car park.

But not only your electric vehicles can charge guests of the private palace hotels in Binz. “In the underground garages there are also special charging stations for electric bicycles”, explains Birte Löhr. “The e-bike trend has been unbroken for years. The wishes of our guests are becoming more and more individual – our service also. This is the way to a successful future. “