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Let go and embark on a short vacation for your soul, skin, body, mind and senses. From toe to hair, the trained hands of our beauty and massage specialists will give you an intensive time to pause and recharge!

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Chalk pack

A pleasant body pack with nourishing ingredients for relaxation of skin and soul.

  • approx. 50 min 40 EUR

Cleopatra pack

A pleasant body pack with nourishing ingredients to relax your skin and soul.

  • approx. 40 min 42 EUR

Mud pack

This nourishing pack will give you clear and soft skin.

  • approx. 50 min 79 EUR

Back massage with aromatic oil

Classic back massage for relaxation with a pleasant aromatic oil.

  • approx. 25 min 36 EUR

Foot reflexology

Enjoy a soothing warm foot bath followed by a massage of the foot. Your own energy is activated by an accupressure of the foot.

  • approx. 50 min 59 EUR

Full body massage with aromatic oil

Starting with a head and neck massage, this massage contributes to deep relaxation.

  • approx. 50 min 59 EUR

Head and face massage

Gentle massage for pure relaxation.

  • approx. 25 min 36 EUR

Leg/foot massage

Tensions are released by this pleasant foot or leg massage.

  • approx. 25 min 36 EUR

Wellness full body massage

A relaxing wellness massage for the whole body.

  • approx. 25 min 37 EUR

Biodroga Basis

Cleansing with peeling, cleansing of the skin, clarifying with toner, eyebrow correction, ampoule, mask depending on skin type, massage and final care.

  • approx. 1 hr 5 min 68 EUR

Biodroga Luxury

With products rich in active ingredients for demanding skin including cleansing and exfoliation, cleansing the skin, clarifying with toner, eyebrow correction, ampoule and fleece mask, massage and final care.

  • approx. 1 hr 30 min 95 EUR

Neck and décolleté treatment

Cleansing and peeling, massage with serum and pack.

  • approx. 30 min 32 EUR

Radiant eyes

Cleansing, tinting of eyelashes and eyebrows, ampoule treatment and final care.

  • approx. 50 min 49 EUR

Spa manicure

Filing, hand bath and polishing, cuticle removal and care, nail contour beautification, specific nail care for your personal nail condition.

  • approx. 40 min 39 EUR

Spa pedicure

Foot bath, beautification of the nail contour, removal of excess callus and final care of the feet.

  • approx. 50 min 42 EUR

Marma Mukha Abhyanga Ayurvedische Gesichtsmassage

Bei der sanften ayurvedischen Gesichtsmassage werden die Marma- und Chakrapunkte im Gesicht stimuliert.

  • approx. 25 min 49 EUR

Marma Shiro Mardanam Ayurvedische Kopfmassage

Bei dieser ayurvedischen Behandlung werden Nacken, Kopf und Gesicht mit einem hochwertigen Öl verwöhnt. Dabei werden die verschiedenen Marmapunkte stimuliert.

  • approx. 45 min 65 EUR

Kizhi Ayurvedische Kräuterbündelmassage

Kizhi, die Kräuterstempelmassage, ist eine ayurvedische Behandlung, mit der Körper, Geist und Seele gereinigt und verjüngt werden.

  • approx. 1 hr 90 EUR
  • approx. 1 hr 30 min 119 EUR

Shirodhara Ayurvedischer Stirnölguss

Der ayurvedische Stirnölguss mit Kräuteröl dient zur Beruhigung von Kopfschmerzen und wirkt beruhigend auf den ganzen Körper.

  • approx. 50 min 109 EUR

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