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Facial Treatments



Facial treatments

Facial treatments 2

Facial treatments 3

Radiant eyes

Cleaning, dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows,

Ampoule treatment and final care

ca. 50 Minutes, € 45

Neck and décolleté treatment

Cleansing and peeling, massages with

Serum and packing

ca. 30 Minutes, € 25,-

Biodroga “Basis”

Cleansing with peeling, cleansing the skin, clarifying with tonic water

Eyebrow correction, ampoule, mask according to skin type,

Massage and final care

ca. 65 Minutes, € 65,-

Biodroga “Spezial” with Golden Caviar

With active ingredient-rich products for the demanding skin!

Cleansing with peeling, cleansing the skin, clarifying with tonic water

Eyebrow correction, ampoule + vliesmask, massage and final care

With White Truffle / Blue Orchid / DE-Stress Algae / Luxurios Grape Energy

ca. 75 Minutes, € 75,-

Biodroga “Luxus”

let yourself be pampered with a golden treatment!

Cleansing and a gentle enzyme peeling, clarify with a tonic water

Eyebrow correction, gold pads are placed on the cleansed face

and fixed with an rappropriate creme mask (10 – 15 minutes),

Finally, the mask is massaged in extensively.

ca. 90 Minutes, € 95,-

Biodroga “Männersache”

Cleansing and peeling, cleansing and if desired eyebrow correction,

Serum or ampoule, mask, massage, final care


Anti-age facial treatment, choose…

Collagen care treatment against first wrinkles and expression lines


Hyaluron-care treatment against visible wrinkles


Silicon care treatment against visible wrinkles and sagging skin


Treatments with the HF rod

High-frequency facial treatment-classic-

Cleaning, treatment with HF rod and final care 40 min.


High-frequency facial treatment-Special

Classical treatment and injection of an ampoule specifically tuned for your skin, through the HF Rod, incl. Face massage, Final care 70 min.


The ozone that is obtained is:

Metabolic activating
Promoting circulation
Antiphlogistisch (anti-inflammatory)

We achieve very good effects through cosmetic treatments with the HF rod (high-frequency rod). The oxygen activity is increased by the formation of ozone, the elimination of carbon dioxide is promoted, viruses and bacteria are destroyed (e.g. in case of impure or acne-skin). This method re-activates skin cells and neutralizes free radicals. The ozone absorption through the skin unfolds oxygen, both in the skin as well as in the lymph and in the blood. The low inhalation of ozone during treatment is also beneficial for the airways.