Indocéane Ritual


The Indocéane ritual with the high-quality products of Thalgo is a voyage of discovery over 4 continents.

Indocéane Ritual



A sweet-salty scrub with fresh citrus scent awakens the senses, gently and efficiently frees the body from dead skin cells & prepares it for the following treatment phase.


A precious milk bath kidnapped in a dream of a thousand and one night. The fragrance of white flowers relaxes & the skin is gently groomed & shimmers silky.


The specially developed Indocéane massage combines the best traditional massage techniques and thus becomes an energy-giving experience for body and mind. The balm applied in the part of the massage relaxes and soothes. The second part stimulates the energy flow and loosens the muscles.


This station is a moment of unification of intensive care & deep relaxation in a seductively fragrant care pack that leaves nothing to be desired. The result: a silky-tender skin and vital relaxation.

Take 2 hours!

€ 159,-