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Our Menu


Welcome to the Bernstein Restaurant!

Our Menu

Our desire and our passion to cook for you, begins to buy daily fresh, regional and best produced food and freshly prepared for you. We attach particular importance to maintaining the naturalness of the products.

Our chef Andreas Gailun stands for sophisticated quality and quantity of his work, and guarantees you the preparation of his food without any additives and flavors. The wellness philosophy of our house is an integral part of the kitchen concept.

Each dish will be individually prepared after your order in our award winning kitchen. When choosing the dishes from our menu, our service staff will be pleased to advise and assist you.

We also like to help with the organization of your celebrations. The chef and the restaurant manager will advise you competently in your choice of menus and buffets.


We wish you an unforgettable stay in the

Panoramic Restaurant and a good appetite!


All prices are in euro, inclusive of legal value added tax.

Winter Magic

Marinated lamb’s lettuce

with herbal dressing, bacon and croutons

M | D


Truffled potato cream soup

with puff pastry
E | G


Braised goose leg

on red cabbage and homemade dumplings

A | D | I | E | G


with wild mushrooms, cranberries and butter spaetzle

B | I


Pink roast duck breast

on savoy cabbage, gnocchis and orange sauce

A | D | I | E | G


Semolina pudding

with rum cherries, whipped cream and speculoos

A | D | I | E | G



Maties “Housewives Art”

Apple-onion-cucumber sauce

D | B | 2 | 4


Maties “Swedish style”

Honey-Mustard sauce

B | M | D | 2 | 4


Maties “Stockholm Art”

Apple-horseradish-sour cream

B | M | D | 2 | 4


Maties “Russian Style”

Beetroot-sour cream-cucumber sauce

B | M | D | 2 | 4


For both dishes we serve either

Triplets or fried potatoes

Appetizers-Intermediate Dishes

Clear tomatiertes Precious Fish soup

B | C | E


Green Sugar peas Soup

With crabs and small Ofenbrot

A | D | E | G | I | L | C


Carpaccio of Willow Ox

With planed parmesan and bumped pepper

E | D | H


Gratinated goat Cheese

With orange-fennel salad and pomegranate


D | M


Romaine lettuce

With beef fillet strips, planed parmesan cheese and Ceasar dressing

D | I | C | B


Main Courses

Fried Baltic Salmon

on lime risotto

I | B | E


Fried COD

On beluga lentils and rosemary potatoes

B | E | G


Fillet of White Halibut

On sweet kartoffelpüree with glazed pods and Zitronengel

B | D


Breast of the Corn Poularde

On glazed Tagliarini and spice sauce

A | I | D | G


Entrecôte of the calf

With Kartoffelgnocchis, mushrooms and Bordeauxjus

A | D | E | G


Pink Fried Lammhüfte

With small baked potatoes and port wine sauce

E | G


Beef fillet “Surf & Turf”

With scallop and shrimp on sautéed mushrooms, steak house fries and Bordeauxjus

Bordeauxjus | jackfruit | Gamba

C | O | E | G



Cream brûlée from Vanilla


A | D | N


Eggnog Cocktail

Creamy chocolate and Einerliköreis with meringue, nut brittle and honey cress

A | D | H | l | N


White Chocolate mousse

With marinated forest berries and Basilikumeis

A | D | H | l | N | G


Selection of raw milk cheese

With fruit bread and grapes

D | G | H | I | A | L


Allergenic Substances

F-Sesame seeds
G-Schwefeldioxit and Sulphite
I-Cereals containing gluten cereals
N-Soy beans
4-Flavor Enhancer