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Das Rugard Thermal Strandhotel


“You should offer the body something good for the soul to feel like living in it” by Winston Churchill

Terrine of Rabbit

With cauliflower, mustard and black cherry

Cream Soup by Jerusalem artichokes

With Oxalis leaves and capuchin blossoms

Farm Chicken of “Bauer Kliewe”

with sautéed cabbage and tarragon – Perlgraupenrisotto

Panna Cotta by Salt almond

With St. John’s Berries and Foerster’s gin

3 Gears €59.00
4 Gears €68.00

Marinated calf Tafelspitz

With Roman salad, onsen egg yolk and lemon Karpern vinaigrette


Duet of Swordfish

Orange-fennel salad and seaweed with pink pepper


Essence of tomatoes

With shellfish ravioli and water cress


Braised pork cheeks

With broad beans and buckwheat cream


Fillet & ragout fin from Bison

With primal carrots and soufflierten potatoes


Grilled mackerel fillet

With crayfish on sloops & konfierten potatoes


Fried Steinbuttfilet

On lemons-perennial celery & tomato gnocchi

At Rieslingschaum


Parfait of White Chocolate

With pickled peaches & candied violets


Pistachio Mousse

With candied olives, raspberries & whole milk


Giare Amarone Grappa


Sliced Noble Cask Nussler