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Escape the stress of everyday life and find relaxation for body and soul.


Thai Head Massage

Relaxed back

1 x Aromatic oil back massage
1 x Relaxing Chalk Wrap

Package Price €66.00



1 x Facial Treatment “dazzlingly beautiful”
1 x Express Pedicure
1 x Trend Makeup

Package Price €99.00


“Seductive Duo”

1 x Mare Milk Bath
1 x Wellnessrückenmassage “Chocolate”

Package Price € 59

Only for me

1 x Clarins Face treatment “season”
1 x Spa Pedicure
1 x Sea salt peeling
1 x Beauty bath of choice in the Wirlwanne
1 x Comfort Spa Cleopatra Bath
1 x Aromatic oil massage with warm oils 25 minutes

Duration 2 days € 199


Thalasso-Taster Days

1 x Full body peeling after “Thalgo”
1 x Algae Pack
1 x Sea Algae Bath
1 x Thalgomincepackung for abdomen, legs
1 x foot reflex Zone massage

Duration 4 days € 230

“Detox” Power pack
“Fit in the Fall”

2x Marine Algae bath for purifying and detoxifying
1x Algae Body Pack
After each treatment we will give you a special detox tea

Duration 3 days € 125


With Compliments
3 Karlsbad for the Lord

1 x Clarins “Men Pit Stop”
1 x Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure
1 x Comfort Spa Men Body Wrap
1 x Neck Special Massage

Duration 3 days € 240

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