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Sauna and steam baths


Escape the stress of everyday life and find relaxation for body and soul.

Sauna and steam baths




Soft radiant heat surrounds it from all sides and allows time to flow more slowly. Give your immune system this recirculation-gentle strengthening. Warm air-regeneration bath, temperature 39 ° Celsius, indoor climate dry, particularly gentle and area around, ideal for regeneration, recommended duration of stay up to 30 minutes.

Roman Stone Sauna

A form of perspiration, handed down by the Romans, at approx. 55 ° Celsius and high humidity. Automatic infusions with scents of spruce high mountain woods as well as natural flavors enhance the sauna experience. Humidity approx. 65%.

Bio Herbal Sauna

An “experience inhalation sweat parlour” at 55 ° Celsius. Daily changing herbal infusions unfold a stimulating effect and increase the well-being. This type of sauna is especially appreciated because of the pleasant temperature.

Finnish Bio sauna

Approx. 95 ° Celsius. Sweat box in Nordic style. The oldest classic among saunas. Here you can sweat.


A stay in this Roman sweat bath-is like a time travel to the past. The humidity is pleasantly low and due to the mild radiant heat it is ideal for purification and detoxification of the body at approx. 40 ° Celsius-45 ° Celsius.

Gemstone Steam Grotto

The Rock crystal – one of the most legendary gems – was described by the Greeks as Crystallos “The Ice”. The Romans believed that the seat of the gods was located in the rock crystal. The Indians laid their newborn a rock crystal in the cradle to protect them, especially for all evil, and the Buddhists hoped for a perfect enlightenment when they meditate with a rock crystal. (approx. 40 ° Celsius)

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