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The Amber Fountain


Luxury ***** Rugard Strandhotel in Binz on the island of Rügen: Atmosphere and harmony, art and enjoyment of life.

The Amber Fountain

The Amber Fountain 2

The Amber Fountain 3

The world’s only Amber Fountain in the Rugard Thermal Strandhotel – inspirations of life…
Since June 2007, an impressively designed work of art and an interesting attraction adorns the 5th floor of the “Restaurant Bernstein” at the Rugard Thermal Strandhotel in Binz: an artistically designed  uniquely created and aesthetically dreamlike Amber Fountain for the Rugard Thermal Strandhotel.

Amber – The inspiration of life that has become stone has always inspired the viewer’s imagination and emotions. Gloss, transparency and a warm, deep colouring give this gem its precious charisma – all the more so in the shape of a fountain, whose waterfall underlines the harmony of its location.

The Amber Fountain, on the 5th floor of the Rugard Thermal Strandhotel with a direct view of the vast expanse of the Baltic Sea, with its tasteful design and exclusive atmosphere of the beautiful Panorama restaurant in the Rugard Thermal Strandhotel, is an almost symbiotic Connection.


A magnificent work of art in the stylish atmosphere of the Panorama Restaurant

Precious and admirable, the noble Amber Fountain enriches the stylish atmosphere of its surroundings:
Amber decorated with real gold gilded brass parts, hand-forged pine branches and pine cones, inflated crystals and electroplated ornamental ornaments, the fountain basin decorated in the form of a scallop and filled with originals Beach stones of the Baltic Sea coast.

Data: Weight 250kg, height 2.70 m, width 2.40 m, amber area: 1m x 1.50 m, amber from the Baltic region, top right and left 2 especially large Amber finds.


Inspired by the natural elements of life: Amber and water, the Tyrolean artist Manfred Hörl created an imposing amber fountain in which the warm character of the noble stone is preserved in its unique naturalness and originality. And in combination with a waterfall, it finds a strong, harmonizing expressive force. In natural resin, an authentic fountain work of art was created, with its mysterious light phenomena, which are among the most valuable properties of gemstones, is able to play alive to the delight of the attentive observer. After all, the “Baltic Amber”, “the Gold of the North”, the first gemstone of mankind at all, is a coveted rarity and with its mysterious fluidity in earlier times a symbol of power and rights. Especially the included minerals or organic inclusions are a direct testimony of 50 million years of life.

Life, inspiration and art complement each other in this dreamy Amber Fountain, a masterpiece of contemporary craftsmanship and modern design, to an exciting togetherness-a special experience for every guest who will enjoy the evening with an exquisite Dinner in the stylish panoramic Restaurant of the Rugard Strandhotel.

The first-class resort offers this fine amber artwork a worthy place in the exclusive ambience of the restaurant, in front of the panorama of the emerald-shining Baltic Sea.

We look forward to seeing you in the restaurant! Be our guest!