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Gourmet Restaurant in Binz: Rugard's Fine Dining at the Rugard Thermal Strandhotel on the island of Rügen


Gourmets appreciate the Top Restaurant on the island of Rügen as a gourmet restaurant, because cooking for connoisseurs promises the fine cuisine of the top restaurants to its guests.

Gourmet Restaurant in Binz, Rugard’s fine dining at the Rugard Strand Hotel on Rügen

Rugard’s fine dining is located on the 5th floor of the hotel, in a stylish, refined setting. Enjoy the highest culinary art and perfect service in a harmonious unit in front of an unrivalled panorama-the restaurant offers you a fantastic view over the entire Binzer Bay.

The kitchen team under the leadership of Robert Schindler meets the highest standards – our chef guarantees that the preparation of the food takes place without any additives and flavourings.


Restaurant manager Lars Riedler and his team guarantee the professional charming service.

The elegant flair in the restaurant Rugard’s fine dining also lends a demanding setting to festive occasions of all kinds.

As all the restaurants in the hotel, Rugard’s fine dining can be easily reached by the glass elevator directly from the seafront promenade.

Seats 44

Opening hours:

The Rugard’s Fine Dining is on company holidays

(Subject to change)

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